Influencer eloiserita_ on her fashion brand Après Sunday

Eloise ist Content Creatorin und Gründerin von Après Sunday, was genau dahinter steckt erzählt sie uns am besten selbst. 

#1 Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am Eloise, I'm 22 and live in a small village near London in the UK. I studied fashion journalism at the London college of fashion. I have always loved fashion and beauty, I interned at magazines and assisted at fashion weeks growing up in hopes of working in the industry one day, but when I graduated, I found it so hard to get a job within the fashion industry. So, I decided to take the jump and create my own fashion brand and I'm so happy I took that risk! 

#2 What is Après Sunday all about?

Après Sunday is a sustainable fashion brand made in the UK, bringing you style and comfort with the planet in mind. Aiming for a European vintage feel we are all about creating loungewear that doesn't only look amazing but makes you feel amazing too! The name comes from Sunday being the day most people would wear loungewear as they're relaxing at home, and après being the French word for after, comes from how I know you will want to wear this even 'after Sunday' and all through the week! I wanted to create sustainable loungewear in the UK as I felt there was a huge gap in the market for this and something missing in my wardrobe! 


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#3 Why is sustainability so important to you?

Sustainability is so important for me as we literally only have one planet and worryingly not a lot time to fix the damage we have already done. In no way do I think my brand will solve climate change, but I hope by giving people the option to shop sustainable loungewear (something I saw missing from the market) they may make more sustainable choices, instead of buying non-sustainable loungewear which harms the planet more. 

#4 What do you like best about having your own fashion brand?

I honestly cannot choose what part I love the most. I love everything about having my own brand, from the designing and seeing it come together, to connecting with people from around the world and just having the freedom to create and do anything with no limits!

#5 What is your vision for Après Sunday?

My vision is to see Après Sunday being worn around the world, seeing people love what they're wearing and feeling confident in my designs. I hope to expand beyond loungewear into more structured designs and become a well-known sustainable fashion brand. 

Wir freuen uns die coolen Loungewear-Pieces von Après Sunday für euch nach Deutschland zu holen. Die Set's sind ab sofort erhältlich! What better time to wear loungewear than in a pandemic - shop now! 💖

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