Interview mit Delta of Phoenix Gründerin Fran

#1 Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hi hi ~ I’m Fran Newman, the one-woman behind Delta Of Phoenix, my dreamy sustainable womxnswear brand. I’ve been designing and creating Delta collections for nearly two years now, and it truly makes my soul shine ~ I hope to spread self-love and self-radiance through Delta designs, for womxn to emanate unapologetic femininity and boldness in a Divine garment.

#2 How did you come up with the idea to found Delta of Phoenix?

Post Fashion degree, I worked at a few brands and built up my industry experience, yet I always dreamt of Delta Of Phoenix as a reality, of all the garments I would create and the body-positivity & self-love my brand could emanate. 

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#3 What does Delta of Phoenix stand for?

Delta Of Phoenix will always emanate true individuality and unapologetic femininity. I strive to uphold body positivity and inclusivity, and I hope I communicate both these elements via Delta designs. 

#4 What is your vision for the fashion industry?

This is what I think:


We must work together ~ we need and should celebrate all bodies, all silhouettes and ethnicities. To change the next generation’s correlation between self worth and body mass – we need to be loving, inclusive and celebratory.


#5 What is your favorite Delta of Phoenix look?

My favourite garment from Divine Nectarina so far is the Marmellata ~ purely because I’m obsessed with the garment filmography by Clo Newman @clonewman, that made the Marmellata truly M A G I C A L. 

The three tiers of pale pink, peach and tangerine are exactly the colours I was dreaming of prior to release ~ Nectarina embodied.


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