Interview mit Ella

Ella is a gorgeous plus size content creator and model, you can find her under @fatgirlfashioninspo on Instagram. She has an amazing, fun and colourful style. You can also find lots of great self-love and body positivity content on her page. You will certainly love her as much as we do.


Favie Curvy Fashion Interview mit Ella Farben


#1 I love colours so much, because…

They bring me joy and make me feel energised.

#2 The Eighty Eight podcast is …

A bi-weekly podcast with me and Sara Brown exploring fashion, body Image and wellbeing, discussing topics such as confidence as working as a freelancer, growing up fat and feminism. In every episode we discuss a new theme and regularly have inspirational guests.

#3 What I love most about my body is... 

I love that my body takes me through life and lets me do all the things I love to do! I love how soft it is.

#4 When someone tries to body shame me, I…

Understand that it comes from a place of their own insecurities and programming. I will delete comments if it’s online or explain why something is offensive if it’s IRL and maybe unintentional.

#5 My top self-care tip is…

maybe a little cliche but be kind to yourself! It’s one that I need to remind myself of regularly too. If you are having a low body image or productivity day, acknowledge it without beating yourself up. We all have down days and that’s perfectly normal.

#6 The must-have fashion piece for curvy girls is..

for me it’s chub rub shorts! They might not be a fashion piece themselves but they allow me to comfortably wear and experiment with cute skirts and dresses in the summer- I can’t go without them.


Favie Curvy Fashion Statement Shirt Ella


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