Girl Power bei der Curvy Brand Astra Signature

Interview with Amanda Williams

Diese Woche haben wir einen internationalen Gast auf Wir haben Amanda Williams von dem Curvy Fashion Brand Astra Signature für ein Interview getroffen und mit ihr über ihre Arbeit gesprochen.

This week we are having an international guest on We met Amanda Williams from Astra Signature for an interview and talked with her about her job.

Amanda is Director of Marketing and Operations at Astra Signature. Astra Signature is an American curvy brand founded by blogger and curvy influencer Crystal Coons. The curvy fashion line is available on To tell you a little bit more about herself and Astra Signature, we met Amanda for an interview.

#1 What exactly is your job at Astra Signature? How does your typical workday look like?

I manage and operate the day to day business affairs of ASTRA Signature. So each day is really different for me. Some days, I’m at my desk uploading products, writing copy, setting up social media and answering emails. While other days, I’m on set of photoshoots, fabric shopping or attending industry events. I really enjoy the flexibility of my job but most importantly it’s something I love to do each and every day.

#2 What does Astra Signature stand for?

The name ASTRA came from our founder Crystal Coons. ASTRA is Latin for “to the stars”, which is the foundation upon every garment is built. ASTRA is designed and created for every woman who believes they are more. The women who reach for the stars. ASTRA pieces are designed upon a foundation of necessity and style that sets the melody of the ASTRA woman’s day. Because WE ARE ALL STARS.

#3 Which piece of the collection is your favorite?

Our garments are exclusively designed by Plus Size Fashion Influencer Crystal Coons. Her process is really fun to watch, as she is inspired by the ethereal beauty in nature and emerging runway trends. She’s completely receptive, which is rare. She’ll get samples in and we’ll try them on together because despite being the same clothing size, we have different body shapes and she likes to see it on both of us. It’s really about considering both the customers’ needs and wants. Asking me to pick a favorite is so hard! But currently, I’m obsessed with the Ursa Famous Jumpsuit and Meteor Maxi Skirt. Both of these pieces are Red Carpet ready!

#4 What do you love most about your job?

I’ve been perpetually plus size all of my life and I know what it feels to be the outcast of fashion. I’ve gotten to this place in my life where I am no longer trying to change my body to fit society’s expectations. I’ve found power and confidence in fashion and that’s what we want ASTRA to convey to our customers. I totally geek out when customers share their stories about how ASTRA helped them feel beautiful at an event! Oh and of course, I lose it when I see our stuff on the Red Carpet. It’s so surreal. 

#5 What is your vision for Astra Signature?

At the end of the day, ASTRA is special. We were created by a plus size woman for plus size women. Our entire team, thus far, has consisted of plus size women. We are currently setting ASTRA up to be the industries “go to” limited edition plus size fashion brand. Where our customers can find fashion as unique as themselves.

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