New Brand Alert - Interview with Unframed me

There is a new brand coming to Favie.

Be the first to learn about the female power behind Unframed me! You might already know, but a new brand just launched on Favie - our first lithuanian fashion brand to be exact. So exciting. We asked the founders Ausra and Giedre everything about Unframed me and you are about to find out too. 
Favie Curvy Fashion Unframedme Plus Size Mode Kurven Litauen

#1 Tell us a little bit about yourselves.

Hi, we are Ausra and Giedre, “Unframed me” creators. Our friendship began six years ago when we met at our workplace. We couldn’t be more to each other. But at that time we went doing our things.
Ausra started a boutique and her clothing line. And I started working with a body positive movement “Dydis nesvarbu” (Size doesn’t matter) here in Lithuania.
Both, me and Ausra, believe that a woman’s value can’t be measured by weight, size or beauty. We heard these criteria for so long that it is naturally hard to change the mindset, but no matter my size, I can be whoever I want. No matter my sex, I can love whoever I want. No matter my gender, I can be an equal business partner. And no matter anything, I am human with feelings like the rest of us.
Together with Ausra, we were attached not only by our strong beliefs but also by the love to big size fashion and style. Ausra always loved to make clothes herself and I would look for the best pieces around all possible stores. 

Favie Curvy Fashion Unframedme Plus Size Mode Kurven Litauen

#2 How did you come up with the idea to found Unframed?

We could not agree more with other big size clothes creators that the main push to go into making exceptionally bigger size clothes is the lack of them in online and offline stores. 
Even making one step further while talking to women of bigger size bodies we noticed that one of the main problems is that retailers enlarge small sizes without thinking of how bigger size bodies tend to be different even at the same size. For example, I and Ausra are both size 50 on the top part and different sizes on the bottom part.
For this reason, we decided to create an “Unframed me” brand where clothes are made exceptionally thinking of bigger size bodies. Together with our team of experienced clothes constructors and tailors we want to put all our attention on solving problems that appear while creating bigger size dresses, pants, blazers and while trying to make them comfortable to wear for all types of bigger size bodies. 

#3 What is the story behind your brand name „Unframed me“?

We wanted empowering and simple at the same time. Unframed me suited it perfectly. “Unframed me” doesn’t follow what bigger size bodies can and what they can’t do. We want to help show a modern view of life. We want to help people feel more confident in who they are no matter what they wear.

#4 What do you love most about having your own fashion brand?

It is a journey. First garments, first mistakes, first modelings, first fails and first success stories. We can experience everything while creating and growing Unframed me. Oh, and yes, we can wear any pieces we want. 

#5 What is your favourite piece from your collection?

Ausra’s favourite piece would be the denim shirt dress and Giedre’s most loved piece is the dark blue shirt dress.


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Thank you for reading Favie Girl:gelbes_herz: Hopefully you are just as excited about the new curvy fashion from Unframed me launching at Favie as us!
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